Living Whole Abstract

beachback‘Living Whole’ Part I ‘Mind’ 

  • We are nature. The patience given to nature’s ‘ebb’ prior to blossoming, should also be awarded to ourselves.
  • Our thought patterns and its impact on our emotional health. How our thought patterns develop, and cognitive strategies to modify them.
  • Recognizing the unrealistic cultural expectation to be ‘perfect’ and the negative impact it has on our overall health and well-being.
  • The realization that it is not crisis itself which causes depression and/or anxiety, but the interpretation of this event. A positive focus exercise will be practiced.
  • Acknowledgement of self and others as a significant practice for our overall health.
  • The importance of including brief relaxation in our daily living. Progressive Relaxation Technique with the use of imagery will be experienced.
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing will be discussed as a technique to relieve stress, desensitize traumas, in addition to enhancing performance and creativity.


‘Living Whole’ Part II ‘Body

  • The role that our physiology – mineral toxicities and deficiencies have in the development of depression, anxiety, OCD, learning disabilities, etc.
  • Significant ‘emotional’ mineral ratios will be discussed:
    • Calcium/Magnesium – our natural sedatives
    • Sodium/Potassium – our natural stimulants
    • Copper/Zinc – our female/male emotional ratio
  • The origins of our mineral balance; our nutritional foundation, will be discussed – parents, grandparents, etc., both egg and sperm, in addition to our everyday lifestyles.
  • Hair analysis will be presented as the government’s number one test for metal toxicities while providing a major diagnostic tool.
  • Hair analysis recommending natural detoxification and rebalancing of the body, thus preventing dependence on pharmaceuticals.
  • The correlation between mineral toxicities and our epidemic diagnosis of Autism.
  • Following detoxification of the body, the testing and rebalancing of our brain hormones, i.e., Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, etc. with the use of natural amino acids will be presented.


‘Living Whole’ Part III ‘Spirit’

  • What makes up our totality – intellectual, physical, our soul. Our beauty and who we truly are.
  • Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.
  • The energy created by our thoughts, words and actions, and its effect on ourselves and our entire circle.
  • How our energy heals.
  • The challenges we face in ‘earth school’.
  • The importance in our motives.
  • Empathy as our most significant life lesson.
  • The purpose in everything we experience offering us opportunity for growth.
  • Our awareness and beliefs about the assistance we receive from the Universe, and how it comes through all of us.
  • Our beliefs about our graduation from ‘earth school’.
  • Music as a spiritually healing and connecting Universal tool.
  • Our ability to share precious moments with our entire circle.