We so appreciate Jane sharing her valuable knowledge for healthy living with our campuses and do look forward to her return.  Her presentation, ‘Living Whole’ was informative, insightful, enlightening, and truly a message of love.

Lexer Chou, Student Life Coordinator, University of Hawaii, Oahu


 Belize-Group-PicAt the University of Belize we found Jane Ayres presentation to be very informative with much needed information about living whole.  The students were very impressed with her caring and loving voice which kept their attention focused.  So inspirational and timely to make lifestyle modifications.  I would appreciate another visit from Jane to do a series of presentations for all campuses at a heart beat.

Sharon Palacio, Coordinator, Student Services, University of Belize

Jane has presented her talk, ‘Living Whole’ ‘Body’ on hair analysis in my Revitalizing Cleanse Retreats at Kripalu Center in Lennox, MA.  Her speaking style is warm, engaging and highly informative.  She offers a service of great value to one’s health and well-being.

Alison Shore Gaines, Holistic Health Educator/Coach, Kripalu Center

I found Jane Ayres to be very inspiring, she is someone we can all relate to as she shares her story in a very personal and authentic way.  As a former prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney, the science of Hair Tisssue Mineral Analysis was very interesting to me and thanks to Jane, I now understand the importance of mineral analysis in optimizing nutritional health.

Sarah Thomas Kovoor, Esq., Warren, OH   

We were so pleased with the feedback received from attendees of Jane’s workshop ‘Living Whole’ at our May 2015 Mind-Body Event, that we just had to ask her back for more!  We are very grateful that she will be joining us to continue sharing her expert knowledge and passion at our next upcoming event.

Maisie Raftery, Publisher, Natural Awakenings, Boston (3.7 million readers)

017mdJane Ayres presentation, ‘Living Whole’ Mind, Body, Spirit is a fascinating workshop on the effects that our thoughts and physiology have on our emotional well-being.  Jane seamlessly incorporates holistic and traditional modalities, making it easy to comprehend how we can best help ourselves to de-stress and live our lives fully.  If you have an opportunity to hear Jane speak, don’t miss it!

Rose Tenaglia Dunn, Founder, Lyceum Live